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Providing an icon larger than the theme s supported size will have different effects depending on the device software version. If the software is older than 4.2, the icon will be cropped that is, only the upper left part of the icon will display. On higher software versions, the image will be scaled down to fit, without maintaining the aspect ratio. For example, on a Curve 8300 with software version 4.5, if your provided icon is 106 pixels wide by 48 pixels tall, the icon will be horizontally squashed to make it fit within the 53 48 size. On the other hand, if you provide an icon whose size is smaller than the maximum, it will be left alone on device software versions before 4.6. For example, if you provide a 25 25 icon for an 8800 running software version 4.5, it will display as 25 25 pixels. On software versions 4.6 or later, if the provided icon is less than 25% smaller than the preferred size, it will be left as is; otherwise, it will be scaled to fit. So, on the Bold, a 75 75 icon will display as 75 75 pixels, while a 40 40 icon will be scaled up to 80 80.

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or to release all messages on hold:

Why should you care Frankly, because scaled icons generally look really bad. There isn t a lot of detail available in an icon anyway, and any sort of distortion can quickly make an icon unattractive or illegible. This isn t a large problem for a personal application, but can have a serious impact on the perceived quality of a commercial app. Icons can be provided in GIF, JPEG, or PNG format; PNG is usually the best choice. Color icons may be used for monochrome BlackBerry devices; however, monochrome icons may look better than those converted from color by the BlackBerry. Icons have a limited file size; if they exceed the limit, your application will fail to build. Caution: Excessive icon sizes are one of several cases where a deep error may be reported within the BlackBerry Builder Console but does not stop the deployment of the application. If your changes don t seem to be available in the simulator or the device, carefully check the builder output to make sure that everything is building properly.

It is also extremely easy to send an e-mail using postfix s sendmail compatibility features. For example, the following single line of shell code will send an e-mail to user jdoe@myco.com:

In the case of the bank account, the action URL supports the POST verb, which generates the unique URL when called The verbs DELETE and PUT are not supported, because they have no meaning Unique URL: In the case of the shopping cart, an identifier URL such as /cart/12345 has a numeric identifier appended after the root URL of the shopping cart application A unique URL does not need to have a numeric identifier appended, but it can be alphanumeric or some other identifier A unique URL can support all HTTP verbs and depends entirely on the context Each generated unique URL does not have to be identical in structure For example, one application could use both URLs /cart/12234 and /big/cart/12/first The uniquely generated URLs do not need to be tracked by the server, and often are the responsibility of the client.

printf "To:jdoe@myco.com\nFrom:myserver@myco.com\nSubject:This is the subject\n\n This is the message body.\n" | sendmail t

In the simplest case, you will just provide a basic default icon to display on the home screen or the Downloads/Applications folder. Follow these steps to assign an icon. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Right-click the project name in Eclipse and select Properties. Open BlackBerry Project Properties. Select the Resources tab. Click Add under the Icon files section. Navigate to the image you wish to add and select it. Note: Even though you can add multiple icons here, only the first one will be used for your application.

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